Monday, May 5, 2014

Class of 2015 | senior rep day, part 1

every year I use senior reps, spokes models or whatever term you would like to use it's all the same, to help promote my business. I am a referral based photographer so this is where I really invest my efforts. This year I wanted to change it up a little, instead of have several different sessions with my girls I made it a whole day, senior rep day.
Once the models were selected Jill and I started planning, If you follow my work at all you'll know Jill and I are a package deal. I'm not big on props but I am HUGE on clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair, make-up, basically all things pretty. I really wanted to stay true to my style while show casing the uniqueness of my girls.
Jill and I had such a fun day preparing, dressing and shooting this and the girls were a dream to work with ♥

Makenzie, Grosse Ile class of 2015

Jill and I created a backdrop that really spoke to us and what we love. We also supplied the dresses that girls are wearing. We always keep clothing at the studio for our girls, along with jewelry- we refer to the studio as girl world.

Marissa, Allen Park class of 2015

Amanda, Plymouth Canton class of 2015

Rachel, Allen Park class of 2015

Because it was a whole day we had to have lots of snacks & lunch. These wraps were AHHH-mazing, thank you to Grosse Ile Kroger (yes, Kroger of all places).

I will be having 1 more senior rep day this year, if you or anyone you know is interested please contact me at

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