Friday, February 28, 2014

the beauty in simple

I had the chance to talk with a bunch of moms the other day about photography and what they like vs what they don't. I don't think they realized I am a photographer as it was at one of my daughters activities. It was a very open and honest talk and I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed just being a mom, just one of the gals.
Most of the moms agreed that they all love when the focus remains on the child. Some shared that they didn't like props or "posed" images. They just want their child captured. This would have been the perfect time to hand them a business card and start "selling" my studio but instead I just listened and participated in the normal mommy conversation.
Our goal as photographers is to capture our subjects in the most beautiful way.
Art is subjective (private "mental" stuff: sensations, beliefs, feelings, emotions, opinions, etc.)-to some the image below may be a poorly exposed images that focuses on her hair.
to me it is all the physical things I love about my daughter- her wavy/curly/crazy hair, her sweet little giggle that she is trying super hard to hold in and failing beautifully. The little sparkles on her sweater match her personality perfectly.
This image speaks to my soul. I think its perfect in everyway.

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