Friday, September 13, 2013

fun with textures (and "sick" kids)

I love texture in my images and I don't add them enough. Today two of my girls are home "sick"- one is legit but the other...I think I was duped. I decided to taken them outside for a few quick pictures (quick- HA!). We go to a spot close to our house and I snapped 1-2 pictures of them. okay 60. I took 60 images of them. And we got back in the mommy mini van and came home. As I was driving I noticed our newly re-surfaced street looked super cool after the sprinkles of rain had stopped. I got the girls in the house and decided to snap a picture (okay, it was just 3 I swear) of the street. Once I uploaded them into lightroom. I decided my image was just flat and needed something. So- I created my own texture....ready to see it?!?!?!

original image +

cool looking wet road = ...drum roll please...

a little bit brighter image with a matte finish. cool, right?!
how did I do that you say? well, I took the road image and placed it over the original image, changed the image from "normal" to "overlay" then adjusted the opacity until I found it visually appealing. Now go out there and make your own textures! it's really not that hard.


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