Saturday, March 10, 2012

the evolution of a mom-ographer to a full-time pro photographer

my love for photography started when I was a teenager... all I had was a Kodak purple & white 35mm. I use to have photo shoots in my garage with my sister..if I could find the pictures I'd risk my sister's embarrassment just to show you...good times!

I was the one that always had her camera...taking pictures of everything. Then when I was an "adult" maybe 22 I met a photographer, Joe, he was very kind and mentored me. As much as I could be mentored working full time and going to school. Then life sorta happened. Marriage & kids become the main focus in my life. My desire to be a mother and wife were overwhelming. I still always had my camera but now it was documenting my new daughters life. Time went on and I was still documenting her life and now her sisters.

Right around the time my little Maddie was born something in me changed.I was living a perfect life, married to the funniest person I've ever met. someone who totally gets me, 3 beautiful little girls, we just bought a new home, what more could I ask for, right?

As my girls grew older I felt more secure about being a mother and started to relax a little. The person I was before motherhood started to come back little by little. And that's when the photography journey started again. For the second time in my life. But this time I was older and wiser (okay maybe just older).

SO through all of my insecurity and self doubt I started to post a few pictures that I had been taking of my kids. It's kinda like standing in a room full of super models.naked.after you've had 3's painful! I forced myself to just put them out share a part of me in a very different way. Any photographer will tell you their images are for more revealing about them than they are about the people we photograph.
I did get a lot of positive feedback and had people asking me to photograph them, their kids, etc. At first I was reluctant but eventually I did. I started to slowly put myself out there more and more (this is still hard for me at times).
One shoot lead to another and before I new it I had built a nice little portfolio. Knowing that I still had a lot to learn I enrolled in a photography class. the rest is what they call history. Now, 2 years later here I am. Don't get me wrong, I still experience self-dout, feel like I'm not good enough, etc. but that only pushes me to learn, change & grow.

since a blog post isn't really complete without an image or two..I will share a few oldies with you. you can clearly see the growth and changes I have made as an artist (hopefully for the better). thanks for reading and please ignore all my bad grammar.

remember the good old days of having a date stamped right into your image so you won't forget when it was taken...blah! btw- this isn't even the right date..we all know Michigan never looks like this in January!

this is a "test" shot. I was trying to learn backlighting.

this is proudly displayed in my home

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