Monday, January 20, 2014

chic & charming { a line for girls by photography by Caron}

In my normal random fashion I mentioned this idea to Jill ( my wonderful friend and make up artist- okay more like I told her in a frantic OMG- we HAVE TO DO THIS- luckily see can handle my crazy and was excited too! We got to planning and really thinking about this- We did our homework and found that there is nothing like this for tweens in the metro Detroit area. At the very core of our idea it is that age 11-16 can be such a trying time for young girls. They are making huge transitions in school, not to mention the huge emotional changes, body changes, etc. Most often they think they are ugly, fat, weird, etc. This is just a crazy time for them! I know I have one in my home and it breaks my heart to hear her say anything negative about herself.
Using my daughter as our 1st model we headed to the studio to glam it up- in the most age appropriate way- no toddlers & tiaras up in here! Jill airbrushed Sidney to warm up her winter white skin- added a bit of blush and gloss then she was ready to tackle her hair (Sidney's hair is no joke and cannot be taken lightly! it's crazy thick & heavy).
I styled Sid, as I do with all of my clients & I realized I may or may not have a problem buying this kid clothes..shh don't tell my husband.
Sid is a fun loving smart, headstrong girl that struggles with self esteem issues as all young girls her age do- after the session she thanked both myself and Jill- but then on the way home- she turned to me and said, "thank you for today mom- it really made me feel special and I loved having a me day" and that right there folks is what this is all about!

*all clients are airbrushed for a natural matte look.

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