Sunday, February 24, 2013

Workshop | teaching & learning

I did it! I completed my 1st workshop today and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good about it. Mostly because no one went running for the hills..I'm taking that as a good sign. Seriously though, hopefully I helped clarify a few things and set a good foundation for them to be on their way to mastering their cameras.
Today was possible because I am truly blessed to have the most amazing husband and friends! My girls have had the flu for the last week. I was really sweating it hoping that it didn't take me down its ugly fever filled path. I lucked out. My husband, Chris, not so lucky. He not only went to my studio last night to help me set up, he made sure to wish me luck as I was leaving him today. sick. with sick kids to care for. Love him to pieces!
Then there is my dear friend, Debbie (side note. she is also who I share my studio with, Debbie K photography. end side note). In her super busy day, she not only texted me to ask if I needed anything, she even came buy the studio to help me set up. To make sure it was just perfect.. I adore her. She is kind and thoughtful, always.

Today I woke up feeling exciting to help others. Humbled to realize I was the one receiving the help.

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