Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Million Tabs for Gabriel

I was super lucky to photograph this little sweet pea and her family recently. Gabriel was born with a heart defect and underwent open heart surgery at 6 days old.
During Gabriel’s hospital stay her parents were able to stay in the Ronald McDonald house so they could be close to her. They are grateful for all the blessings they have received. As a way to say thank you and pay it forward they have collected 1 million soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald house and continue to do so. I asked Kyliegh if she would mind sharing how we all can help and here is what she said...

"It's a super easy way to help out, it costs nothing and it's a really fun way to get your work/school/church/etc. involved in a great cause. I honestly believe the Ronald McDonald House helped Gabriel in her heal that much faster by allowing us to be involved in her care and be an active part of her medical team. We were lucky to only stay for a month, but there are families who stay at RMH for over a year at a time so donations like this help keep it inexpensive and possible for families to be near their children. You can check out her Facebook at www.facebook.com/poptabsforGabriel or take tabs to Mills Gymnastics in Southgate or My Place Bar in Wyandotte. We encourage EVERYONE to share Gabe's story with everyone person/group they know because every single tab counts. We are trying to repeat our success of last year by collection 1 million, or 673 lbs of pop tabs but our ultimate goal is to beat the world record by collecting 2.8 million by May 2013"

Thank you to Kyleigh, Nick & Gabriel! I loved capturing your beautiful family.

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