Thursday, March 29, 2012

before and after...the magic of make-up!

I know what you are probably thinking. "Why should I use a makeup artist for my photos?", "I can do my own makeup just fine, I do it every day!" or, "I don't even LIKE to wear makeup!". Before I became a makeup artist, I used to think the same things myself. Then I discovered the power that makeup held, the magic it makes when combined with the right lighting, and of course, a fantastic photographer!

Makeup can make you look like you lost 5 pounds, it can erase aging shadows on the face, make you look more rested, smooth out and perfect the skin, and brighten and widen the eyes, not to mention intensify your eye color. All of this can be done in the most subtle of ways, in fact, that's what most makeup artists and photographers prefer....a natural yet defined look. It’s still you, only 100 times more fabulous!! And who wouldn't want to be fabulous?:)

When I do someone's makeup for photos, I take into account many details that can make a big difference in how your photos will look. I consider the lighting and what colors will photograph the most flattering for your particular skin tone. I also consider the conditions and location of the photo shoot and use products that will last and still look fresh the entire time. I see everyone's face as a blank canvas and then sculpt and contour with makeup to emphasize the good, and play down the not-so-good. I also can see your face in a different way than you might see yourself, and the techniques I use might be totally different from the "everyday" makeup that you apply on yourself.

Here is our recent photo session with the lovely Maddy, with and without professional makeup. No, it's not exactly fair....yes, she is young and naturally gorgeous, even with not a stitch of can see the transformation for yourself! Her skin is creamy and glowing, with subtle hints of bronze and peach. Perfect for a summer day on the beach!
♥ Jill
Make-up Artistry by Jill Harrison

here are a few images from the session.

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