Wednesday, February 15, 2012

us vs them?

For whatever reason, my girls love to spend most of their time in our bedroom. They like to watch TV in there, play with their toys, read books, etc. It's probably their favorite room in our house, next to our closet. This for some reason drives my husband crazy. Sure I don't like tripping over barbies & princess crowns when I walk into our room either but its temporary. They are children and some day they will be “too grown up” to play in our room. The thought of this breaks my heart. I remember as a kid always wanting to be where my mom was, or the smell of her. So I think I understand it a little more than Chris.
If I’m being total honest, I want my girls to be around me all the time too! I want to bottle up their laughter so I’ll never forget what it sounds like. I want to have their childhood burn so deeply in my memory that I will always be able to recall every little detail about it. I want a pause button on this beautiful journey of motherhood. I fight to hold on to every little detail about them & their childhood, whereas my husband looks forward to their future and them growing up. It’s so odd. Don’t get me wrong, they get on my nervous, drive me crazy, and when they fight I feel like my head is going to explode. but more than not they inspire me. They remind me every single second of everyday what life is all about- love. And for that, I will always allow them in our room.

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